Watercooler is a watercooler, who wants to get rid of waterbottles and likes to talk to printers.

Watercooler talking to printer.

He gets annoyed with Internet Guy and Pre-teen Dora.
Wc 2

Watercooler trying to kill the waterbottle.

His lifeEdit

In the year 1989, Watercooler had his own TV show (it's a sports talk show), 1st edition called The Water Cooler.

1st logo

Wc c

Watercooler and his brother Watercool.

Spelled out "the water cooler". In 1994 he changed the logo. Spelled out "THE WATER COOLER" In 1998 he stopped the show and took it of the air.

The new show


2nd logo

In the next year, on January 23, he brought out a new show called TV Water Cooler. It lasted until, 2008.

After that, he decied to join the Fairly Random Show Team. He also has a twin brother, named Watercool.