The episode title name is a parody of the Disney movie,"Meet the Robinsons".

Guest apperances are Cosmo Cosma from the Fairly OddParents and Jimmy Neutron from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron:Boy Genius


"Meet the Random People" from The Fairly Random Show
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date November 2013
Written by Firefly233
Directed by Firefly233
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None Blanket Wars
(In Internet Guy's office, Internet Guy is on the computer and looking at his Instagram page)

Internet Guy: I am sooo AWESOME!!! (turns toward Watercooler) Unlike somebody...

Watercooler: HEY!!!

Internet Guy: I wasn't talking about you.

(Pre-teen Dora walks in)

Pre-teen Dora: Today, is soooooooooooooo boring!!!!

Watercooler:(rolls eyes) How is it boring?

Pre-teen Dora: 'Cause it is, you Alien.

Watercooler: Hey, I'm not an alien! My twin brother might be, though.

Internet Guy: Whatever.

(Hannah, Stefanie,and Max walk in)

Hannah: Hey, guys.

Max: Sup.

Stefanie: Hey, everyone.

Internet Guy, Watercooler, and Pre-teen Dora:(in bored voices) Hey, guys.

Stefanie: What's wrong?

Pre-teen Dora:(glares at Watercooler) Oh, nothing. Nothing at ALL!!!

Hannah: Lemme guys were fighting.

Internet Guy: Well, at least,(turns toward Pre-teen Dora and Watercooler) they were.

Max: Again?

Internet Guy:(nods) Yeah...again.

(Matt suddenly comes in)

Matt: Now it's time!

Hannah:Time for what?

Matt: Time for the theme song!

(After theme song plays)

Max: Anyway, what were we talking about?

Hannah: Eh, who cares anyway.

Matt: She's right. I'm hungery. I wish I had a milkshake or a slushie.

Cosmo: Did someone say "wish"?

Max: Matt did.

Cosmo: Yay! I'll grant your wish! What do you want anyway? Just remember:You can't trust a fudgehead!

Matt: I wish for a slushie!

(Cosmo grants the wish)

Hannah: Who's fudgehead?

Stefanie:Yeah, who is that?

Cosmo: Fudgehead is Jimmy Neutron.

(Jimmy Neutron walks in)

Jimmy:I heard that, Cosmo.

Pre-teen Dora:(rolls eyes) Ok, whatever.

(Cosmo flies to Internet Guy)

Cosmo:(whispering or at least trying to)Hey, does Jimmy Neutron always come here?

Jimmy: I heard that.

Cosmo:(flies to Jimmy) NOBODY ASKED YOU!!!

Max:This is weird.

Matt:Too random

Hannah: Exactly.

Stefanie: I agree.

Watercooler: I'm gonna take a nap.