No, this NOT Da Rules from the Fairly OddParents. This is Da Rules for joining this wiki!

  1. Always be nice to other users (unless they misbehaved, then block them for infinite or at least until year 9999)
  2.  Don't cuss or swear. If you do you'll be BLOCKED FOR GOOD. Only mild cussing like:"What the heck" is allowed.
  3. Don't block other admins.
  4. sex or gore is NOT ALLOWED. No exceptions. YOU WILL ALSO BE BLOCKED FOR GOOD.
  5. Don't erase content from pages. (unless it's a threat)
  6. Don't try to have romance with others, especially in chat. (trust me 3 people have done it to me, and it's creepy)
  7. If an admin warns you once, you won't be warned again.
  8. Don't call people evil names that you wouldn't want to be called.

Always remember to have fun! --Firefly233? Is that what Cosmo said? (Talk) (talk) 16:32, November 21, 2013 (UTC)